Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Foil Method

One of the easiest methods for removing pesky glitter polish is using the foil method.  To do this you paint your nails like you normally would then cut out pieces of foil when you are ready to remove your polish.  You soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it onto your nail, then wrap it all with your foil.  After waiting about 5 minutes, you take off the foil and cotton balls.  If any nail polish remains, simply wipe it off with the cotton balls already loaded with nail polish remover. 
A tip I have is to cut all of your foil pieces then soak your cotton balls with nail polish remover first.  Also cover your pointer and thumb nails (on both hands) last so you have an easier time wrapping your nails if you are doing it yourself.  An added bonus to this method is that cutting the foil with your scissors will also sharpen them.    

Monday, February 8, 2016

N.Y.C. Strip Me Off Base Coat

I was super excited to find out N.Y.C. was coming out with a peel off base coat.  N.Y.C. is an affordable brand that I love and have fairly easy access to.  After my somewhat failed attempt at making my own peel off base coat, I was excited to try one made by professionals.  I started by painting on the N.Y.C. Strip Me Off Base Coat.  It went on white and dried clear.  This took some time.  When it was dry, I applied my polish like I normally would.   
When I was ready to take my nail polish off, I simply peeled it.  This base coat came off easily and in good sized chunks, so it was quick.  N.Y.C. Strip Me Off Base Coat did not start coming off until I was ready to remove it.     
I am so happy with N.Y.C. Strip Me Off Base Coat.  I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $2.  It takes a little bit longer to dry than a regular base coat, but it definitely makes removing glitter polish so much easier than having to scrub it away.  You can watch a video of me taking off my nail polish here. 

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