Sunday, April 12, 2015

Born Pretty Store Singing Birds Pretty Flower Water Decals #17639

(Born Pretty Store Singing Birds Pretty Flower Water Decals were sent for review)
I have some water decals from the Born Pretty Store to review.  These are the Singing Birds Pretty Flower Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers # 17639.  These water decals are a sheet of pretty blue and pink flowers as well as some cute birds. 
For my manicure, I started with L.A. Colors base coat-top coat and followed that with three coats of N.Y.C. Skyline Blue to all of my nails except my ring finger.  I added three coats of N.Y.C. Pink Champagne to my ring finger.  On my right hand did the reverse—three coats of N.Y.C. Pink Champagne to all of my fingers expect my ring finger.  For my ring finger on that hand, I added three coats of N.Y.C. Skyline Blue.     
When my base polish was dry, I cut out the designs I wanted to add to my nails.  For my blue nails, I cut out pink flowers.  For my pink nails, I cut out blue flowers.  I cut out two birds for my thumb nails.  Applying the water decals was easy.  Working one nail at a time, I peeled off the plastic and put the water decal into my cup of water.  I waited 10-20 seconds then took my water decal out of the water.  The decal then easily slipped off the paper and I placed it onto my nail.  When your nails are still a little wet, you can move your water decal around to get it into the place you want it.  I let my water decals dry then added INM Out The Door top coat.
I love this manicure.  The water decals are so lovely and delicate.  This reminds me of spring and Easter.  Water decals are a quick and easy way to add a very detailed look to any manicure.  You can find the water decals I used here they sell for $2.86, but are on sale now for $0.99.  For 10% off and free shipping on all regularly priced items at the Born Pretty Store, you can use my discount code SNDX31. 
 (BornPretty Store Singing Birds Pretty Flower Water Decals were sent for review)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Born Pretty Store Gold & Silver Flat Back Studs 17227

(Born Pretty Store Gold & Silver Studs were sent for review)
I was given the opportunity to review some gold and silver studs from the Born Pretty Store.  Let me start out by saying I love the packaging.  There are 400 pieces of varying sized gold and silver studs.  They come in a convenient wheel that has a sliding top so you only take out a few studs per section at a time.  This wheel has a pretty design around it unlike any other wheels I have ever seen.  It reminds me of a flower.  It makes turning the wheel easier. 
The studs included are rounded with flat bottoms.  The bottoms are great for adhering the studs onto your nails.  For my look today I wanted to feature how pretty these studs are and how they can add so much to a manicure very simply.  I started with L.A. Colors base coat-top coat then added two coats of Milani High Speed Fast Dry nail polish in Pink Express.  I let this dry and added my studs one nail at a time.

To make adding the studs easier, I pulled out all of the studs I planned on placing on my nails.  I also got out a pair of tweezers to help place the studs onto my nails.  To add the studs onto my nails, I used L.A. Colors base coat-top coat and dabbed a small amount onto my nail where I wanted the stud.  I then picked up the stud with the tweezers and placed it onto my nail.  I used the tweezers to move the stud into place before my top coat dried and pressed down on the stud slightly with my finger.  I did this one at a time for all of the studs.  It was easy to do on both my hands.  I let my nails dry for a while then added INM Out The Door top coat over the studs and then over my entire nail.               

I love this manicure!  I think it would look great with something dressy as well as something casual.  It was so easy to do and added so much to the overall look.  These studs stayed in place a long time!  I had no issues with them falling off prematurely.  There is so much you can do with these studs and I think they are a must have in any nail art arsenal.  These studs can be found at the Born Pretty Store here.  They are called 400Pcs/Box Newly Gold Silver Round Flat Back Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Decoration Hot Selling Wheel # 17227 and sell for $4.14.  For 10% off all full priced items and free shipping please use my discount code SNDX31. 
(Born Pretty Store Gold & Silver Studs were sent for review)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Blog Your Heart Out Award

I was nominated for the Blog Your Heart Out Award by Colleen from Dream It Up Nails.  This award is to help create buzz about blogs who have fewer than 100 followers.  There are five questions to answer and you are asked to nominate five bloggers.   
Here are the five questions:
1.       What/who encouraged you to start blogging?
 One of my cousins has a nail art blog and I really enjoyed seeing all of her creations.  Shortly after I found out about her blog, I realized there were a ton of nail art lovers like myself with blogs.  Blogging about something I have always enjoyed seemed like a lot of fun, so one day I just went for it and started my blog. 

2.      How did you choose what topic(s) to blog about?
I enjoy painting my nails and also seeing how other people paint their nails, so blogging about nail polish was just the natural choice. 

3.      What is something that most people don't know about you?
I am a natural angler. 

4.      What three words describe your style?
Fun, Colorful, & Neat.  

5.      What do you like to do when you are not blogging?
I like to do lots of things like read, watch movies, and just enjoy life. 

I nominate:
1.      Joanne from Witch Nails
2.      Nail It Hot from
3.      Lena from
4.      Sarah from   
5.      Brittany from

Thank you Colleen for this award!  What are some of your favorite blogs with fewer than 100 followers?  Do you have a new or up and coming blog?  Let me know in the comments.      

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