Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nail Polish Removal (Gel-Off) Clips

There are lots of interesting nail art products on the market.  One interesting and useful one is nail polish removal clips.  These clips work much like the foil method of removing nail polish, but are easier because you do not have to cut out pieces of foil, and they are reusable.

I bought mine from Ebay here.  They had pink, purple, and rose colored clips.  I chose the rose ones.  You get 10 clips for $2.35 and free shipping.  One of my clips was broken.  The rubber band holding the two pieced together was cut.  I got some small black rubber bands and found a few that were similar in size.  I ended up using the larger rubber band so I could wrap it around twice (it held better that way).  I was so happy this worked so if any of my other bands break down the road, I can repair them myself without having to wait for new clips to be shipped to me.  The seller replaced my clips when I emailed letting them know one came broken.  It was quick, easy, and the seller was professional.  This is someone I would buy from again.    
To use these clips, you soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover add it to your nail and then put the clip on over.  After about 5 minutes, you take the clips and cotton balls off.  If any nail polish is left on your nails, simply remove it with your cotton balls. 

I really love these clips.  It makes taking off glitter polish so much easier!  I also think it is easier, less expensive, and better looking than using foil. 

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