Monday, August 31, 2015

31 Day Nail Challenge Beginning

I have wanted to do the 31 Day Nail Challenge for quite some time now and I am so excited to finally be doing it!  I love to see other people’s creations for this challenge.  I always wondered who created this challenge.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but after a little looking I believe it all started with this postPLEASE be advised that some of the blog posts on this blog, in my opinion, are X-rated so just be aware of that if you go looking around the blog itself.  I was a little surprised.  The link I have here will take you straight to the nail challenge post.

I think one of the reasons this nail art challenge is so popular is because it is set up so well.  You go from colors, to patterns, to inspiration.  You work your way up towards creativity.  Kudos to the creator!       

Here is the original picture along with the “rules” that have been lost along the way.

  • Reblog this post if you’re gonna accept this challenge (you’ll get a reward if you finish!)
  • One post per day
  • If you miss one, pick it up the next day
  • Post a picture of each mani
  • It would be nice if you listed/linked to what polishes you used
  • For the inspiration prompts, SHOW US YOUR INSPIRATION/SHARE LINKS
  • HAVE FUN!!!
NOTE: don’t want a new look every day? Go at your own pace! The big goal is to get through all 31 manicures… and notice how your skills grow!

I personally have taken this challenge on at my own pace.  I have already started these manicures and have waited to post them until I am able to post once a day.  I am lucky to get a chance to paint my nails once a week let alone every day.  I am in awe of the people who do this challenge every year.  Have any of you done this challenge or plan on doing it?  Let me know in the comments.  Also, leave your links so I can take a look.   

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Come Clean Pop Culture Soap

(Come Clean Pop Culture Soap was sent for review)
Today I have a bar of Come Clean Pop Culture Soap to review.  Come Clean is a company that makes all natural glycerin based soaps that are safe for people and pets.  The soap is kosher, vegan, and does not contain any parabens.  The soaps come with a collectible toy inside.         
The soap I received has a cute ice cream toy inside.  I love how safe and natural this soap is.  I think the toys inside are a great idea.  My soap smells amazing!  It lathers well and is something my whole family can use.  I did not find my exact bar of soap on their website, but you can find a triple scoop ice cream soap here for $10 and a single scoop ice cream soap here for $12.    
Come Clean offers a whole variety of soaps to choose from.  You can also email any special requests you may have and the company will do its best to make it happen.  Come Clean also offers other products such as keychains, jewelry, phone cases, chargers, and more.  You can check out Come Clean Pop Culture Soap on their website here.  Be sure to check out the company’s Instagram page (@comecleansoap).  They post some really great pictures and you can see new products and special offers.             
(Come Clean Pop Culture Soap was sent for review)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pure Ice Heartbreaker, Free Fall, and Last Chance

(Pure Ice polishes were sent for review)
I have a few Pure Ice polishes to show you all today.  First up is Pure Ice Heartbreaker.  Heartbreaker is a lovely sky blue with a green undertone.  I used three thin coats here.
I added white French tips with Pure Ice Platinum Magic Base Coat.  This polish was part of a duo.  You can see my review here.  I also used Platinum Magic Base Coat to stamp on a lacey design.  The stamping plate is Born Pretty Store plate BP-L020.    
Next up is Pure Ice Free Fall.  Free Fall is a beautiful medium pink polish with a blue/purple undertone.  It is highly pigmented.  I used two coats here, but I probably could have used just one.  
I added black French tips with Salon Express Nail Art Paint in black.  I also stamped using Salon Express Nail Art Paint black and Born Pretty Store plate BP-L020.  
Finally I have Pure Ice Last Chance.  Last Chance is a deep purple.  Like, Free Fall, this polish is highly pigmented and I could have used only one coat.  For my manicure, I used two coats.  
I added a flowery/snowflake stamp to this look using Pure Ice Silver Mercedes (I believe it is now called Silver Star) and Born Pretty Store plate BP-L020.  
I really love these colors.  My girls wore them as well and got a lot of compliments.  Their nails really stood out.  Pure Ice has always been one of my favorite brands.  They offer great quality nail polishes for a low price.  You can find Pure Ice nail polish for $2 a bottle at Wal-Mart.
(Pure Ice polishes were sent for review)

Monday, August 17, 2015

eBay Guides Campaign

There was an eBay Guides Campaign included in my Bella VoxBox.  This was an invitation to share knowledge on eBay in exchange for an eBay gift card.  The campaign ended about 2-3 days after I got my VoxBox so I actually did not complete this one.  It is too bad too because I was actually looking forward to it.  Hopefully I will get another opportunity for this down the road. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dove Fruit

(Dove Fruit was sent complimentary by Influenster for testing purposes)
There was a package of Dove Fruit included in my Bella VoxBox.  If you watch my un-boxing video, you can see that one of my little ones opened these before I had a chance to do anything blog related with them.  I got the blueberry variety.
My whole family loved these.  I bought another package right away.    They taste good and I feel good about eating them because they have real fruit covered in dark chocolate.  These make a good snack/dessert.  Dove fruit comes in cranberry, cherry, and blueberry and range in price from $1.88-2.69. 
(Dove Fruit was sent complimentary by Influenster for testing purposes)
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