Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Gleaming Gold with Black Swirls

Today I have one of my favorite manicures.  I started with a base coat and followed that with Avon’s Gleaming Gold nail polish.  When dry, I stamped on the lovely swirl-esque design on Bundle Monster plate BM-314 with the black Salon Express Nail Art Paint.  I finished it all off with N.Y.C.’s Grand Central Station.  
I love the gold with the black and the delicate look of the design.  I got a lot of compliments on these nails.  This is something I would wear again and again.    

Friday, December 12, 2014

Giveaway from Kaki at and Leah Ann at

Kaki at Glitter Obsession had a giveaway and I was one of the winners.  The prize was a gift certificate from Kaki and Leah Ann for  There were so many pretty polishes, it was hard to choose.  I ended up picking Hits Hefesto.  

Hefesto is a holographic top coat.  I am excited to use this pretty polish.  Kaki and Leah Ann are both very sweet.  Thank you both for the giveaway!  You can see Kaki’s blog here and visit Leah Ann’s shop here. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cherry Pie Pictorial

Today I have a pictorial for the last design I showed.  I changed up how I created these nails from the original tutorial I had seen.  This is how I achieved this look.
  • I started with my base coat (L.A. Colors base coat-top coat) and let it dry.
  • I painted on my red polish (Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar) and let that dry.
  • I placed a few drops of my beige color (Mark Stay Neutral) on my Salon Express stamping plate holder.
  • I dipped a small dotting tool into Mark Stay Neutral and painted diagonal lines across my nails in one direction followed by diagonal lines in the opposite direction.  This was to mimic the look of a lattice style pie crust. 
  • When my lines were dry I added my top coat (N.Y.C.’s Grand Central Station) to protect my design.
This was a fun look to wear.  I love sweets and liked having cherry pies on my nails.  I hope you all have happy and safe holidays!    

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cherry Pie Nails

Today I have some adorable cherry pie inspired nails.  I had seen a tutorial for this look on the Refinery29 website and thought they would be perfect for Thanksgiving.  I changed up my version a bit and this is what I came up with.
I used L.A. Colors base coat-top coat followed by Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar.  My beige color is Mark Stay Neutral.  I finished my look with N.Y.C.’s Grand Central Station.        

These nails are too cute.  I think they are a nice design to wear for the holidays.  They are different yet still festive. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Matte Purple with White Ghosts Nails

Happy Halloween
Here are some super cute Halloween nails.  I started with a base coat followed by a few coats of Avon’s Violetta.  Violetta is a deep purple matte nail polish. 
When this was dry, I stamped on some ghosts using Salon Express Nail Art Paint in Snow White and Bundle Monster plate BM-223.  I stamped the ghosts in a bottom top pattern to mimic the ghosts floating.  I added Hard Candy’s Matte-ly In Love top coat because I wanted to keep the matte finish of Avon’s Violetta nail polish.    
I think the purple with white ghosts are perfect for Halloween.  My only complaint is Avon’s Violetta started to chip somewhat quickly.  The last time I used Violetta it did not chip on me like it did this time.  I think this is because I added L.A. Colors Sassy Sparkle (BCC557) on top (which turned the matte finish glossy).  You can see that manicure here. 
To keep my ghostly manicure on my nails longer, I added Essence Nail Art Special Effect in It’s Purplicious.  It’s Purplicious is an awesome glitter polish with dark and light purple square glitters and smaller round micro glitter suspended in a clear base.  I got this polish from the lovely Ana of FairyAna.  You can see the other polishes I got in this swap here.  I did not take pictures with the glitter polish, but it did help extend the life of this manicure.  What are your tips and tricks to extending the life of your manicures?                       

Friday, October 24, 2014

Born Pretty Store Resin Roses along a Fence

(Born Pretty Store Colorful Resin Rose Pattern Nail Art Decoration was sent for review)
For today’s manicure I have some resin rose decorations from the Born Pretty Store.  These roses caught my eye right away.  Each wheel comes with 12 different colored roses (four of each color).  I chose to use the light blue and the light pink roses for my manicure.

I started with a base coat then added one coat of Pure Ice’s Platinum Magic Base Coat.  Platinum Magic Base Coat is a white nail polish.  I added white first so my neon nail polish on top would stand out more. 
I then added two coats of Pink Cookie’s Neon Pink to my pinky, pointer, and thumb nails.  I also added three coats of Pink Cookie’s Neon Blue to my ring and middle fingers.  My right hand had the same look just with the pink and blue nails reversed. 
When my base polish was dry, I added a layer of top coat and stamped a fence looking design.  I thought the rose studs would look good against this design—like roses growing along a chain linked fence.  The plate I used was Mash-41.  I stamped with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and added another layer of top coat when my polish was dry.
Originally I was going to add the roses using a top coat, but I decided to use nail glue instead since I figured they would stay on my nails longer that way.  I added light blue roses to my blue nails and light pink roses to my pink nails.  I did have to reapply one of the roses because it came off when I was putting on my shoes.  I think I just did not have enough nail glue on that rose because all of the other roses were very sturdy and stayed put.  I did everything from helping my kids with their shoes, washing my hair, and washing my hands several times.
I got a ton of compliments on this manicure.  The 3D roses really stood out.  It took me a couple of hours to get used to having something 3D on my nails, but once I realized they were staying put I was able to go about my regular business without worrying about my nails.  I adore this manicure.
The 48Pcs 6mm Colorful Resin Rose Pattern Nail Art Decoration can be found on the Born Pretty Store’s website here.  They sell for $3.37.  For 10% off your order and free shipping at the Born Pretty Store you can use my discount code SNDX31.                        
(Born Pretty Store Resin Rose Pattern Nail Art Decoration was sent for review)
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