Friday, March 2, 2012

Lizard Crack Pattern Nail Polish BH 52 Marina

Today I have a blue crackle nail polish from Everbella Nail & Beauty Supply. This polish is part of a three piece set. You get a crackle polish of your choice (there are 30+ colors to choose from), a clear top coat polish, and a base color polish that is either white, black, silver, pink, or purple.
My set came with a pink polish. This is a very pretty shade of pink with a nice sparkle to it. I applied three coats of this pink polish.
When my base polish was dry, I applied the blue (BH 52 Marina) crackle nail polish (marked X&D on the bottle). Everbella’s website has an instructional video showing how to apply these polishes which can be seen here. The crackle polish is applied both vertically and horizontally in this video. I decided to try applying the crackle polish this way as well.

The crackle polish is a bit thick, but it works very well.  The BH 52 Marina is a beautiful blue color.  It is a lighter shade of blue that reminds me of the turquoise found in Native American jewelry.  I waited a few minutes to make sure the crackle polish was dry and done cracking (the color lightened as it dried).  I then applied the clear top coat (this darkened up the crackle polish again to the color in the bottle). 
Because this polish is such a pretty shade of blue I decided to try it on another color as well.  For this second look, I applied two coats of Pure Ice’s Strapless.  This is a dark blue polish with tons of sparkles in it.
When this color was dry, I added the BH 52 Marina Lizard Crack Pattern Nail Polish.  I decided to apply the crackle polish vertically only this time—just to change up the look a little bit.  When the crackle polish was completely dry, I added N.Y.C.’s Grand Central Station as a top coat. 
Overall I am very pleased with these polishes.  A definite thumbs up for anyone who wants to get their nails noticed.  There is a great variety of colors to choose from.  Here is a color chart of the 30+ crackle polishes. 
The three piece set can be purchased from Everbella’s website for $4.99 (great value).  The lovely Florence from Everbella has also graciously offered readers of my blog a 10% off coupon code. 
(Lizard Crack Pattern Nail Polish sent for review)


  1. Love it! 2nd combo is my favorite!

  2. Great deal on the polishes, and I love both combinations!

    1. Thank you! I agree that they are a great deal. I love that they have so many crackle polish colors to choose from.


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