Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prom Night

Pure Ice Strapless is one of my favorite blue nail polishes.  This is a deep blue polish packed with sparkles.  It is just gorgeous.  It is funny the color is called strapless because after I painted my nails with it for the first time I kept thinking it would make a beautiful evening gown.  It was not until later that I saw the name.  I painted my nails with three coats of Strapless.   
I then decided I would try out my new Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit.  I picked the moon and stars design on plate SE21.  I stamped the design using Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.   
When this was dry I added a top coat of N.Y.C.’s Grand Central Station.   
I absolutely love the way this came out!  I think the blue and silver complement each other very well.  I am also very pleased with the Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit!  You pay about $10 for 5 image plates, a double sided nail stamper, a scraper (I like to use an old credit/gift card), and an image plate holder.   


  1. I LOVE this manicure so much!!! :D

  2. I love the blue and silver together!!

  3. one of the most important details regarding prom is deciding in which car to ride in. Why not ride into prom in a limo? Prom is meant to be the most memorable night in high school so renting a limo will help create those memories.

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    1. I agree. Showing up to prom in a limo would be fantastic. I think it's all about the overall expirence and it will be memorable reguardless of what car you end up riding in. :)


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