Saturday, September 14, 2013

Satya Jewelry Turquoise Arm Yourself Bracelet

(Satya Arm Yourself Bracelet was provided for review)
Today I have a bracelet from Satya Jewelry to review.  It is the Turquoise Arm Yourself Bracelet.  This bracelet features a gold snake wrapped around a turquoise silk band.  The serpent represents energy, eternity, and immortality.  The bracelet is gold plated over brass with silk.  
This is such a pretty bracelet.  It is very dainty.  I love the colors and enjoy wearing it.  It is very Cleopatra-esque.  I wore it with a nice business suit and it really dressed it up.  I also wore this bracelet with jeans and that looked great as well.  This bracelet is very versatile. 
It is suggested that the best way to take care of this bracelet is to store it in an air tight bag when not wearing it.  In addition to the beauty of this bracelet, I really love that 10% of the proceeds go to Home of Hope in Africa—which helps create opportunities for continual physical, educational, and holistic well being for exploited South African girls.  The Arm Yourself Bracelet comes in six different colors that you can find here.  Each one sells for $48.
(Satya Arm Yourself Bracelet was provided for review)


  1. The nail color matches the bracelet so well. gorgeous mani and bracelet!

    1. Thank you! I am going to have a post on the mani. I pulled out all of my similar colors until I found the one that matched the best. :)


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