Friday, December 27, 2013

Satya Jewelry Mani

When I reviewed my Satya Jewelry Turquoise Arm Yourself Bracelet (you can see my review here) I knew I wanted to match my manicure with the bracelet.  I pulled out all of my turquoise looking polishes to find the one that matched the turquoise of the bracelet best.  The winner was Sinful Colors’ Mint Apple.  Not only was Mint Apple a similar color, but it also had a slight simmer to it that matched that of the Satya bracelet. 

I also wanted to stamp a gold snake onto my nails to match the serpent on the bracelet.  To do this, I used Maybelline Bold Gold and Mash-50 image plate.  I finished off with a top coat to prolong my manicure.  

This manicure came out just the way I envisioned it.  I am so happy with it and thankful to Satya Jewelry for allowing me to review one of their bracelets (which I love).  This was a nice look to wear and both my manicure and my bracelet stood out. 


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