Monday, May 12, 2014

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Sour Apple Textured Nails

I painted my nails with Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat in Sour Apple.  This is a light green textured polish.  This is the first truly textured polish I have ever used (although Milani’s Purple Gleam, seen here, has a gritty textured feel to it).  I applied two thin coats of Sour Apple. 
I really love this color and the fact that it dried so quickly!  I also really like the packaging.  The front of the bottle is bumpy around the part that says Sugar Coat.  I kept touching my nails because I love the way this polish made them feel.  I also kept touching my nails after I took this polish off because my nails felt so smooth and I had gotten used to them feeling bumpy.  I am happy with this polish and glad I picked up a few more colors from Sally Hansen.  


  1. Love that one, I have bought the white one as well

    1. Me too. I don't think I've seen the white one. BTW, I love your nail work and seeing your progress on your blog!


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