Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Animal Scene with Gradient ft. Born Pretty Store Image Plate 16

(Born Pretty Store Image Plate 16 was sent for review)

I was sent the Born Pretty Store stamping plate number 16 to review.  I was instantly drawn to the stand alone animal images on this plate.  I also really liked the rectangular animal/tree images on the middle of the plate.  I thought that scene would look great stamped on multiple nails for a continuous looking design.   
To start my look, I added L.A. Colors base coat-top coat followed by two coats of Avon Sunshine.  When this was completely dry, I used a section of a bath sponge and added Avon Creamsicle to the top of my nails near my cuticles towards the middle of my nails.  I then added INM Out The Door top coat to help blend my two colors together and protect my nails in case I made a mistake stamping.
After my top coat dried, I stamped the middle animal/tree scene on the stamping plate along my pointer to pinky nails with my black Salon Express Nail Art Paint.  To do this, I started with my pinky nail and painted the black polish on a small section (enough to cover my nail) of the far right section of the image.  I then scraped off the excess polish, picked it up with a large squishy stamper, and stamped the image on my nail like I would with any other stamping image.  I then placed the black polish a little to the left of the first section of the image I singled out to stamp on my ring finger.  I continued to move left on the image plate as I stamped my nails pinky to pointer.  That was how I got the continuous looking design onto my nails.  
For my thumb nails, I stamped the stand alone zebra and the stand alone elephant.  I let my stamping dry, then added Out The Door top coat.  

I love the way this manicure came out.  It reminds me of the opening scene of The Lion King when the animals are gathering to meet Simba.  This look also got a lot of compliments.  You can find this stamping plate on the Born Pretty Store’s website here for $2.99.  For 10% off this image plate as well as all other full priced items on the Born Pretty Store’s website you can use my discount code SNDX31.  The Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping.
(Born Pretty Store Image Plate 16 was sent for review)

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