Tuesday, September 15, 2015

31 Day Challenge- Day 15: Delicate Print

Today the 31 Day Challenge calls for Delicate Print.  Right away I thought of lace.  I went through all of my stamping plates and pulled out all the ones that looked like lace print to me.  I decided to use Mash plate m80. 
I started my manicure with L.A. Colors base coat-top coat.  When that was dry, I stamped the pretty floral lace French tip design onto the tips of my nails with Wet N Wild’s French White Crème.  I used an extra large stamper to add the image since it is much easier to place the image where you want it because you can just push down with the stamper as opposed to using a rolling motion like most stampers require. 
After my stamping was dry, I added one coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Diamonds to my nails.  I finished off with INM Out the Door Top Coat. 
I really enjoyed these nails.  I thought they definitely achieved the lacy delicate look I was going for.  From far my nails looked like they had only a clear coat of polish on them.  As you got closer to my nails, you could see the delicate details of this manicure. 

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