Thursday, September 24, 2015

31 Day Challenge- Day 24: Inspired by a Book

Today’s challenge is inspired by a book.  I chose Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya.  I read this book in school.  It was a required book.  I really enjoyed the book.  It takes place in 1940s rural New Mexico.  It is the story of a young boy trying to figure out life.  A few years ago one of my uncles called me to ask if I had heard of this book.  I told him I had and I read it in school.  He told me my mom, another one of my uncles, and many other people he talked to were required to read it in school.  He told me he didn’t have to.  He didn’t know if his class didn’t read it, or he wasn’t there when they did.  My uncle would work on movie sets and he told me they were going to make a movie out of this book.  I was so excited.  I enjoyed the book and couldn’t wait to see the movie about it.  I was most excited about knowing someone who was going to work on the movie. 
I chose to represent Ultima who is a curandera (a healer who uses herbs).  There is an owl in the story that also plays a large role in the story.  I started with my base coat then added China Glaze White Cap.
I made an owl decal by stamping the owl image from BM-309 with Maybelline Bold Gold.  I let that dry on the stamper for a few minutes then filled it in with Salon Express Nail Art Paint Black.  I let that dry on my stamper then added a top coat over the image.  When my top coat was dry, I used a pair of tweezers to lift the decal off of my stamper and placed it onto my ring finger.  I sealed in the decal with a top coat.  
For the rest of my nails, I stamped on the herb looking design on stamping plate BM-208 with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Mint Sprint.  I finished off by adding a top coat to my nails.
This is a very special manicure for me.  My uncle passed away a few weeks ago.  He was very young and it was sudden.  I am thankful for the time I had with him.  I will cherish my memories of my uncle, his words, and the few pictures of him I have (he did not like to take pictures).  On a lighter note, Bless Me, Ultima is a great read and a great movie.  I highly recommend both.                     

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