Sunday, September 20, 2015

31 Day Challenge- Day 20: Water Marble

Day 20 of the 31 Day Challenge is Water Marble Nails.  This is my first time trying this technique.  I thought it would be a lot messier than it was.  To minimize the cleanup, I added tape around my nails so I could easily remove the tape and not have nail polish on my skin. 

I started by gathering all of my supplies: a paper towel, a bowl of water, Q-Tips, a toothpick, my nail polishes, and my tape dispenser.  I then applied L.A. Colors base coat-top coat followed by Wet N Wild French White Crème.  When this was completely dry, I added tape around my nails.
I opened my three nail polish colors Sinful Colors Over It (pink), Confetti Belle of The Ball (purple) and Rimmel London Mintilicious (aqua).  Then, one by one, I added one drop of nail polish into the bowl of water.  I waited for each drop of polish to spread a little before adding the next drop.  The pink polish spread the first time I dropped it into the water, but not again the second time.  The purple and aqua spread well.  I took my toothpick and swirled the nail polish around in the water then dipped one nail into the water.  While my nail was still in the water, I took a Q-Tip and absorbed the nail polish left in the water.  I pulled out my nail, removed the tape, and repeated the process for each nail.  
When my water marbled nails were dry, I added INM Out the Door Top Coat.  I also cleaned up around my nails with a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover (which I usually do any way).  The tape really helped minimize the mess.  My bowl, paper towel, and Q-Tip took most of the mess. 
I love the way this manicure came out.  My favorite design was the one on my right hand thumb.  My nails remind me of a bouncy ball from a quarter machine I have.  I would have taken a picture with the ball, but I could not find it.  There are so many options with water marbling.  You can do different colors and can have many different looks depending on how you swirl the nail polish and how many drops of nail polish you add.  This is a technique I will have to try again.            

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