Sunday, September 27, 2015

31 Day Challenge- Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

Day 27 of the 31 Day Challenge calls for Nails Inspired Artwork.  I chose Angels by Raphael.  I started with my base coat then added the light gold polish (Step 1) from my Kiss Gradation Kit.  I let that dry then added Sinful Colors Coffee by dabbing it on with plastic wrap.  
Initially I decided to make the angels stamping decals.  I used Salon Express Nail Art Paint Black and MoYou London Artist Collection-10 stamping plate.  After the black polish dried on my stampers, I filled in the angels with three coats of Revlon Sheer Snowflake Pink.  When that was dry, I added my top coat to the decals.  I had two issues with my decals.  First, some of my decals were not coming up completely when I tried taking them off of my stampers.  Second, I did get a few decals to come up nicely but they were not sticking to my nails.
Picture from
I decided to scrap the decals and simply stamp the angels onto my nails.  This worked out so much better and took less time.  
These nails came out nice.  I had to move to plan B, but I am still happy with the results.  It is such a lovely piece of art and MoYou London helped me recreate it on my nails. 

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