Wednesday, September 16, 2015

31 Day Challenge- Day 16: Tribal Print

Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge calls for Tribal Print.  Initially I wanted to add Lizard Crack Pattern Nail PolishBH 52 Marina, a blue crackle polish that reminds me of turquoise over Pure Ice Beware 537CP, a silver glitter polish, and then add my design.  I scrapped that idea when my Marina polish was not cracking.  I ended up really loving the look I ended up with.  It came out better than I imagined.
I started this look with a base coat followed by Pure Ice Beware.  When this was dry, I got out my Hot Designs pen in black/blue and freehanded some tribal inspired designs.  I love the silver, blue, and black color combination.  I also really liked the way all of the designs came out on my nails!  The Hot Designs pen was easy to work with.  I love this manicure.        

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